Diesel Technology - BOSCH EPS 815 test bench

BOSCH EPS 815 test bench

type of the injection pump

  • VP30
  • VP44
  • CP-1
  • CP-2
  • CP-3
  • EUI
  • PLD

The new type test bench of Bosch is operated with computer, and has a 15 KW capacity direct drive. The test bench doesn't have accessories sets, but the expansion is possible with different retrofit kits and special accessories sets. It can be equipped with two different measuring systems: measuring glass technology for conventional diesel injection pumps or KMA system for continuous fuel delivery analysis.

Universal component test bench with future-proof and flexible design

  • observance of the specifications of automobile manufacturers
  • efficient components of the latest generation both from Bosch as well as from other manufacturers can be tested
  • expansion possible with different retrofit kits and special accessories sets: - MGT / KMA - VPM 844 / CRS 845 H / CRI 846 H / CAM 847 / CRI / CRIN 848 H - CP1 / 2 / 3 / CRIN - and systems from other manufacturers
  • continuous further development of optional accessories
  • long service life as subsequent bending of the test pipes is hardly necessary (the measuring device can be adjusted on all three levels)

User and environmentally friendly

  • through oil vapor and oil mist reduction

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