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Diagnostics, adjustment and repair of diesel injection pumps

diesel fuel pump repair, injection pump rebuild Móricz Kft.

Móricz Kft. undertakes diagnostics, repair and rebuild of the best known European diesel injection pumps. We repair injection pumps of agricultural machines, trucks, lorries and cars as well. Our workshop is equipped with the most modern Bosch-, Hartridge- and Stanadyne-machines, where we do a wide range of repair and rebuild of diesel injection pumps (disassembling, assembling, cleaning, change of linings, testing on bench, and adjustment). We repair the injection pumps at short date.

The process of the repair of an injection pump:

  • We repair only detached pumps!
  • We disassemble the injection pump to find the failure, after this we identify the damaged parts. (Even in a very simple case of change of linings, we must disassemble the injection pump; otherwise the damaged part of the pump can break down the test bench.)
  • After the error analysis we make a rough estimate of costs, and let the customer know about the costs of repair and material.
  • After accepting our estimate of costs, our specialists repair the diesel injection pump.
  • We post the repaired injection pump to the customer's address.

During the opening hours we run a call-center, where our colleagues can give you a hand. Regarding the error code given by you, we can identify the failure of the injection pump. If it's necessary, we can even explain to you how to detach the injection pump. Customers from all over the country call us very often with their little problems and notices related to the use of diesel technology. These bugs can be repaired easily, and we try to help to solve these problems within the range of our possibilities.

Wholesale and retail trade of parts

  • in-line and rotary injection pumps,
  • high pressure pumps of Common Rail system,
  • mechanical injectors, electromagnetic and piezoelectric CR injectors,
  • pintle and multi-hole nozzles,
  • BOSCH, DELPHI, STANADYNE fuel filters,
  • broad assortment of spare parts of injection pumps various marks,
  • specific connecting material, fuel additives