Table of Charges

These prices are just informal, and given in Hungarian Forint (HUF). We created this tariff for our new customers to get an impression about the costs.
It is published in January 1st, 2017 and valid until recalled.

Because of technical reasons, we must disassemble the damaged injection pump to find the failure and estimate the costs of the repair. (Even in a very simple case of change of linings, we must disassemble the injection pump; otherwise the damaged part of the pump can break down the test bench.) The cost of disassembling is 10,000 HUF + 27% VAT.

After the error analysis our colleagues make a rough estimate of costs, and let the customer know about the costs of repair and material.

We always charge the cost of disassembling to the customer, even if he doesn't accept our estimate for the repair after the error analysis. In this case we give back the injection pump disassembled to the customer. At the customer's request, we can reassemble the damaged injection pump without repairing. In this case, the injection pump is NOT READY for use.
The cost of assembling is 10,000 HUF + 27% VAT.

After accepting our estimate of costs, our specialists repair the diesel injection pump. In this case we don't charge an extra cost of disassembling and assembling to the customer, because these are already included in the cost of repair.

Central Bank of Hungary
middle exchange rate
Euro (EUR): 391,25 HUF
USA Dollar (USD): 368,76 HUF
Swiss Frank (CHF): 405,32 HUF
Romanian Leu (RON): 78,68 HUF

These prices include only the labour cost, but DO NOT include the material cost!

Product Line I.
Contact: Mr. Csaba Szabó
Tel.: +36-20-545-4800
Type of the injection pump Price (HUF)
Bosch VE, Denso VE, Lucas DPA, DPC 38.100
Bosch VE turbo, EDC, Lucas DPS, DPCN 40.640
Bosch VE, VE turbo for lorries, trucks 55.000
Denso VE, VE turbo for lorries, trucks 55.000
Lucas DP200, Zexel EDC 62.000
Lucas DP210 62.000
Lucas DP310 62.000
Zexel EDC – with ROM module (Covec-F) 62.000
Zexel VRZ – with ROM module 85.000
Bosch-A 70.000
Bosch-MW 6 cylinders 82.000
Bosch-P mechanical in-line 90.000
Bosch-P-EDC in-line 90.000
Bosch-H-EDC in-line 90.000
Stanadyne DB4 70.000
Stanadyne Target 70.000
Stanadyne DE10 85.725
repair of controller 20.000 - 40.000
control of 2-spring vaporizer 4.000
repair of 2-spring vaporizer 4.000
repair of injector - labour cost/piece 3.000
MTZ Jazda Euro3 35.000
MTZ 50 Komplett (labour cost + material cost) 70.000 + hand-pump
MTZ 80 Komplett (labour cost + material cost) 70.000 + hand-pump
Product Line II.
Contact: Miss Csilla Boros
Tel.: +36-20-926-5890
Type of the injection pump Price (HUF)
diagnostics of CR injector cars 5.000
diagnostics of CR injector lorries, trucks 8.000
repair of CR injector cars, Bosch 23.000 - 34.000 - 57.000
repair of CR injector lorries, trucks, Bosch 15.000
switch replacement of Delphi injector 34.000
switch and nozzle replacement of Delphi injector 57.000
diagnostics of FSA-injector (faulty) 1.000 / piece
repair of CR pump CP1 43.000
repair of CR pump CP2 70.000
repair of CR pump CP3 55.000
repair of CR pump CP4 45.000
cleaning and adjusting of PD cars 5.000 / 25.000
cleaning and adjusting of PD lorries, trucks 25.000
diagnostics of Steck pump 5.000 / 25.000
repair of PD cars 25.000
repair of PD lorries, trucks 25.000
test of piezzo injectors (faulty) 5.000
programming of piezzo injectors 10.000
Bosch VP30 with programming 60.000
Bosch VP44 with programming 60.000